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2015-10-06 - Catering Success

Our catering services have become a really large part of our business. From office lunches and dinners to cocktail parties, holiday parties and weddings we have catered for groups of all sizes, from 4 people to 300 people.

2015-04-24 - Buccacino's on Breakfast Television

John and Andrew were hanging out with the crew from Breakfast Television on Tuesday morning. An interview about the Patio followed by a cooking demonstration with Andrew in the kitchen and then John provided a step by step on how to make Sangria.

2014-04-01 - Need a Getaway from the Everyday? Our Entrée Menu Will Transport You From Texas to Tuscany and Beyond!

Tired of the “same old, same old” when it comes to Italian dining? If so, we have just the solution for you. We are offering a hot new menu in Winnipeg and it puts the spotlight on some remarkably unique and delicious Italian entrées.

2014-03-27 - E 'ora Di Pranzo - It’s Lunch Time!

There's a brand new menu in Winnipeg for those of us you like to "do lunch"! And unlike so many other lunch time menus, this one is not all about a "quick bite" or full of the typical soups, sandwiches, and courses that you can gulp down in a...

2014-03-11 - Pastas and Pizzas – Comfort Food with Sophisticated Flair

You could ask one thousand people what their preferred comfort foods are, and almost all of them will mention things like pasta or pizza.

2014-02-25 - Our Catering Menu Has Something for Every Occasion – Let Us Help You!

If you ask the expert party and event planners of the world, they are going to tell you a lot of things. They are going to discuss budgets, food, décor, and so much more.

2014-01-17 - New Year, New Starters

Looking for a new menu in Winnipeg that really whets the appetite? We are happy to share our brand new menu of soups, salads, and starters, available at Buccacino's.

2013-12-15 - Buccacino’s Invites You To A 2014 New Year’s Celebration To Remember

Legend has it that what you do to celebrate New Year’s Eve sets the mood that will carry you through the entire upcoming year for better or for worse.

2013-10-30 - Have You Seen Buccacino’s New Look?

Have you seen our new look? Buccacino's logo recently received a little makeover, and we couldn't be happier with it. From the inside out, we've transformed our image, and we're feeling better than ever.