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Pastas and Pizzas – Comfort Food with Sophisticated Flair

You could ask one thousand people what their preferred comfort foods are, and almost all of them will mention things like pasta or pizza. These dishes are so popular because they are delicious, they can be found with loads of variety, and they are available in many locations. Of course, not all pasta and pizza restaurants are the same, and when you want the most from your favourite comfort dishes, you need them to have originality and flavour.

Fortunately, we have a brand new menu of pastas and pizzas available at Buccacino's in Winnipeg. While we still have the "classic" options, our diners are thrilled to discover that we also have some impressive gourmet combinations and offerings.

We find people frequently surprised by our sophisticated new menu in Winnipeg, and how it has truly gourmet Italian dining choices such as "Gambieri di Alberto," which is an impressive shrimp dish that features a curry rose sauce over spaghetti. There is also a "Tortellini Speziato" that is a classic cheese tortellini dish that is tossed in white wine cream sauce with basil and a dash of "zing" from jalapeños. There is Gnocchi, mushroom ravioli, and the impressive "Manicotti Fruitti di Mare" that features oversized pasta shells full of crab and shrimp, ricotta, and herbs, and served in a rich champagne cream sauce.

The classic pasta dishes are highly reminiscent of more traditional Italian cooking and includes "Arrabbiatta", "Pesto", "Cannelloni" and many more. However, they are far from the "norm" and feature such unique blends as the "Salmone Con Aneto" with salmon in a lemon and butter sauce over penne.

What about the pizzas from our modern Italian restaurant in Winnipeg? We are happy to offer some classics of Italian food but also some amazing additions and choices that include the trendy "Margherita" and the savoury "Prosciutto Cotta". There is a long list of customized choices too.

Additionally, Buccacino's is well aware of the need for gluten free dishes and we offer a special gluten free menu as well as vegetarian options at our Osborne Village location.

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