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Give into Sweet Temptations by Delighting in Our Dessert Menu

What is your ideal dessert? For some, it is an enormous dessert full of sweet ingredients and indulgent treats. For others, it is a light and delicate ice or sorbet. And for even others it is a "nightcap" that might include a delicious brandy or even a hot drink with a nice dash of something special.

Whatever your definition of dessert, we believe our brand new menu will meet your needs. As enthusiasts of all things to do with Italian cooking, our dessert offerings tend to have a heavy Italian influence. For example, we are more than happy to create our own version of the popular "Tiramisu". Our version includes the espresso and liqueur soaked ladyfingers, but we also ensure that the mascarpone is delectably flavoured too.

We offer a "Dolce e Delizioso" and it is all that it sounds with layers of caramel sauce and toffee crumble spread within slabs of decadent, warm chocolate cake. The "Torta Celeste" is another opulent indulgence and it includes a vanilla bean cheesecake that is covered in crème brulée custard set with a caramelized sugar crust.

We also have the usual "Cannolis" but ours are full of Grand Marnier mascarpone, chocolate mousse, or an Amaretto mascarpone and fig cream. The standard "Gelato" appears too, but ours includes a nice and clean lemon flavor or the delicious "Tartufo" that is dipped in a chocolate shell.

Gluten intolerant and sad about desserts? Don't be! Our new menu in Winnipeg offers up a delicious "Pistacchio Palermo" that uses white chocolate mousse inside of a truffle cake that also includes crumbled pistachio nuts all dipped in milk chocolate.

Because we are focused on Italian dining we extend a full menu of European coffees, specialty coffees with liqueurs, and snifters of top shelf brandy. So, when you want to enjoy Italian food in Osborne Village, come visit us at Buccacino's. We are an Italian restaurant in Winnipeg that provides the complete experience - from starters to snifters!

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