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Italian Style Eating. Is Eating Your Salad Course Last Really Better For You?

Sasi Kamineni

A typicaL Italian meal consists of a first course "il primo" which would be pasta or rice, a second course "il secondo" of meat or fish and a third course called "il contoro" which would be vegeables, salad or fruit.

Italians believe that adding veggies to the end of your meal will give you more fibre and protein. They believe that it helps with digestion and enhances the flavours of the wines being drank. It is believed that vinaigrette dressings make white wine taste sweeter and red wine taste stronger!

Americans prefer to eat their salads as a first course as it helps in weight management and control as you fill up on healthy vegetables before your main course, thus reducing calorie intake.

In the end it probably doesn't really matter as long as you are eating your leafy greens, vegetables and fruits!



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