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Welcome to Winnipeg’s Best Patio

With the worst winter on record in over 60 years, finally Winnipeg residents are out from under the snow, ice and slush, and ready for some patio dining and drinking. This summer, Buccacino’s is pleased to roll out a brand new menu for you to enjoy on the best patio in Osborne Village.

Each year, you see more and more restaurants that are offering sidewalk seating or patios. In Winnipeg, as in most urban areas, space can be difficult to come by, so Buccacino’s is proud to be able to offer not only the best patio, but also the largest! It only makes sense, given that practically the first question people ask when they arrive at a restaurant in the Winnipeg area during the summer is, “Do you have a patio?” Having been cooped up all winter long, what’s more natural than wanting to enjoy the fresh air while dining or enjoying a cocktail?

You can sit in the sun or the shade, whatever suits your comfort. Our chefs will be pleased to provide you with lunch, dinner, or on Sunday, the best brunch in the Winnipeg area. Select from our wide range of soups, salads, entrees, pizzas or pasta dishes – there’s something that will please every palate. We feature daily specials, and our friendly servers will be more than happy to bring your food and beverages to the patio for your enjoyment. While you’re dining, you can enjoy the fragrances from our fresh garden.

The only thing better than fine Italian food is Italian cooking enjoyed outdoors during Winnipeg’s hot summer. Come and relax, enjoy the weather, and the best Italian food Winnipeg has to offer. Buccacino’s has a brand new menu, so come and experience the perfect combination of fresh air and fine food.

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