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Relax on Our Patio with These Specially Crafted Cocktails

Haven’t we all had entirely enough winter? According to Environment Canada, 2013-2014 was the worst winter in 64 years, and as is usually the case, Winnipeg got hit exceptionally hard. Consider the following:

Don’t you think it’s about time to take it easy on a nice Winnipeg patio with a refreshing drink, and celebrate the arrival of summer?

Buccacino’s invites you to do just that. We have one of the finest patios in the Winnipeg area, and in fact the largest in Osborne Village. We have a variety of delicious signature cocktails to choose from, but for your pleasure, we suggest the following:

Classic Mojito (2 oz.)
This refreshing combination of white rum, soda, mojito mix and fresh mint is sure to refresh and delight your palate.

Blue Crush (2 oz.)
This colorful drink consists of blue curacao, Long Island Mix, lime slush, and just enough 7-up to make it tickle your tongue.

Bitters and Berries (1 oz. + champagne)
Strawberry slush never tasted this good, with vodka, lemon and limoncello along with champagne for just a touch of decadence.

Why not enjoy Sunday Brunch on our patio, and stay for a cocktail or two?

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