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Celiac Got You Down? Discover Our Gluten Free Offerings

There is a large portion of the human population with the condition known as " celiac disease". This is something that is also often called gluten intolerance, though they are not the same thing.

However, what is similar for people with either condition is that they cannot eat foods that contain gluten of any kind. In fact, even just a few crumbs of food with gluten can trigger a response. Fortunately, we have designed our new menu in Winnipeg to ensure that diners get to enjoy a long list of Italian food options guaranteed to be gluten free.

The brand new menu is at our Buccacino's Italian restaurant in Winnipeg, and it is sure to provide visitors with a large array of tasty dishes that are entirely free of gluten, and also of "contamination".

You see, that is why it is so challenging for people to dine out. With celiac or gluten intolerance you can be told that a dish might not be made with any gluten ingredients, but the kitchen might accidentally contaminate it with trace amounts of gluten that cause problems.

Fortunately, here at Buccacino's in Winnipeg we have gone to great lengths to discover gluten free foods, and trained all of our staff to understand just what a patron needs when requesting gluten free options. This allows guests to enjoy true Italian cooking without the illness, bad reactions, or unpleasant results of consuming foods that they must never eat.

We have found that many patrons are thrilled to find out that here at our Osborne Village location they can eat meals and beverages normally unsafe for consumption. For instance, the mainstay of Italian dining is pasta, and yet it is full of gluten. The menu at our restaurant, however, offers up gluten free pasta dishes, pizzas, soups, sandwiches, and more.

So, don't think you have to skip this brand new menu because there are gluten free options that will satisfy your taste buds and let you enjoy variety and gourmet deliciousness!

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