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My Herb Garden

Andrew Mcquiggen

Spring has slowly been creeping up on us, even though it may not feel like it I often like to make my cooking at home reflect the change in season. Most people including myself don’t have access or space to produce a fresh herb garden year round, so once I get the first chance in the spring I like to start my herb garden indoors Many herbs are actually very easy to start from seeds indoors such as dill, basil and cilantro as some examples. Another benefit to starting the herbs early indoors is that many of the plants will just grow and reseed themselves after trimming and cultivation (such as dill).This isn’t to say that dry herbs don’t also have application in cooking, but when it comes to cooking in the springtime I just can’t help but use fresh as I’ve been generally withdrawn from them for many winter months in Winnipeg. My garden usually has plenty of basil, lemon thyme, oregano and some rosemary. I choose to keep most of my herbs in small separate pots mainly for storage reasons but also cause plants like rosemary will take over a pot and choke out the other plants calling the pot home. If this is all very new to you I’d suggest this website for a fairly simple overview on starting seeds from the indoors, it also contains resources on how to transfer your seedlings once the time is right and many other useful gardening facts.

It is really not that much work once it is all started and really livens up the meals you cook at home gives them that flavour we so often miss in winter.

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